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Since beginning of 2016, marks the starting The 13th Five-Year Plan for China (13th FYP) echoes to the “One Belt, One Road”(OBOR) economic development initiatives together with transportation industry to emphasize on “A Resource-conserving, Environment-friendly” development model. After the peak of Infrastructure Projects for Roads and Highways in recent two year were into the maintenance period. In this context, 'PMTC’s 8th International Pavement Maintenance Technology Forum, 10th China Asphalt Summit” will be held in Shanghai from 9th-10th of March, 2017. This forum are organized by Merisis Consulting and co-host with Beijing Hutchinson Consulting, combing the strengths of two prominent organizers in pavement, maintenance and asphalt industry, this forum will feature with Hutchinson’s Brand of “International Pavement Maintenance Technology Forum”(PMTC) and Merisis’s Brand of “10th China Asphalt Summit” are bound to create a platform for Asia's premier international technology and markets.

This year forum will invites scholars and experts of academic excellence at home and abroad to do wonderful keynote address. The main contents including,but not limited to topics: the construction of the highway conservation planning at home and abroad, the development of new materials and new technologies, the trend bitumen trade analysis, the main direction and upgrade applications, road construction and repair practices bituminous material technology, but also includes micro-surfacing , slurry seal, asphalt pavement recycling, warm mix asphalt, chip seal, cold patch material, pouring and other practical solutions to industry problems, the promotion of environmentally friendly technologies, including foam warm mix asphalt technology, hot mix plant regeneration situ thermal regeneration, regeneration plant mix cold, cold in situ regeneration. The forum will further promoting and enhancing road construction and maintenance skills, to promote new green material with the durability and value of new technologies, new products, new technology.


  •  "13th Five-Year Plan"- A Chinese road construction and conservation planning Prospects
  •  International Pavement Maintenance Technological Trends Analysis Pavement maintenance and promotion of international
  •  progress in China Preventive Maintenance
  •  Asphalt international market supply and demand and price analysis
  •  Indian influence in Southeast Asia and the national infrastructure
     of supply and demand

  •  Asphalt Pavement Structural Design of Conservation
  •  Establish a scientific system of asphalt pavement preventive maintenance
  •  Composite modified asphalt emulsion seal coat 

  • High-performance chip seal design and application
  • Application of high viscosity modified asphalt
  • Sponge Urban Construction - Analysis and permeable pavement surfacing materials
  • Drainage Asphalt Pavement Structure and Properties of Materials
  • Cold mix asphalt foam recycling technology practice
  • Technology development of micro-surfacing
  • Heavy Traffic Pavement reconstruction and reload modified asphalt use
  • Cement Pavement Preventive Maintenance Key Technology
  • Durability of concrete protection technology
  • Pavement Maintenance Practice polymer-modified cement concrete



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